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Isaac's cup, in origami paper, this time.

One evening last week, my husband had to drop our youngest son at my office to spend the last hour of my day with me there. Of course, I still had work to complete, so I took Isaac and my laptop off to a secluded corner of the newsroom. I had books and paper for him to play with, and he was happily engaged for several minutes as I worked.

Then, “Where’s the fountain, Mom? I’m thirsty.” There was no fountain nearby.

“Can you wait?” I asked.

His face lit up.

Sure enough, he used an origami fold to fashion a piece of newspaper into a cup, and filled it at the sink. He slaked his thirst, but noticed that his cup didn’t stand up to the water. Over the next 30 minutes, he experimented with newsprint, glossy ads, office paper, double attached layers, double detatched layers, to find the best solution.

I loved watching his brain work. Not only was he creating the better water cup, he was happily killing time other kids might have spent whining. What a great, creative kid!


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