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Finding creativity at home

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It’s been one of those months. OK, it’s been a couple of those months. We’ve just sold our house, and in the weeks of cleaning and decluttering and getting ready to go, the needlework, the cooking, the creative writing have kind of fallen by the wayside.

As much as I truly believe that menial tasks like vacuuming and washing dishes do sap my creative juju, there’s been something incredibly rewarding in bringing this old house to its apex. When we moved in, the place was a mess. It had been unloved for so many years, and we came in and devoted blood, sweat and tears. All three, literally. We’ve imagined it together, worked together on much of it, though Jeff has done so much of the hard, skilled work on his own.

Still, it took stripping out the junk, simplifying our daily lives to make the place look and feel really incredible. Jeff finished off projects that have been in process for years. We painted (even the boys’ muraled bedrooms), polished, cleaned and cleared out. And the result is a clearer vision of the good work we’ve done over the years. There’s not a surface in this house we haven’t changed, usually back to its turn-of-the-century origins. And it does feel like a creative process, in the end. It’s been wonderful to hear the kind things people have said, and even better that it sold quickly to a young couple who appreciate this place as much as we do.

And finally, I’ve done something Jeff has been encouraging me to do for years. Nine of my best photographs now are hanging, on display in our home. I love it.

It has been wonderful, living in in a clean, pretty house the past few weeks. There’s a lesson there, about simplifying, I’m sure.

I’ve discovered so much of myself in this house. I’ve found time and space for creativity and exploration. I hope the same for its new owners.


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  1. Maria,
    The photos of the old house are just beautiful but even more I love your perspective on the satisfaction and appreciation of cleaning and beautifying for selling. I think most people feel chagrined or mad that when the house is at its most beautiful it’s when you’re leaving it. Yours is such a better way to look at it. Congratulations on the sale and your happiness with your new abode.

    Comment by Terre Fairy Godmother | May 14, 2010 | Reply

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