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I climbed a mountain to look at a lake

I climbed a mountain

to look at a lake

that was clothed in fog.

But I saw the forest

and the trees:

Bare branches crystallized

in frozen mist;

Winterberry trees dressed

for a cocktail party;

Dead trunks polka-dotted

with green splotches of moss;

A snowy trail, a shadow

wending between birches

and pine and stone;

A broken trunk swiss-cheesed

by hungry woodpeckers.

Snow crunched under

my snowshoes.

I shed hat and gloves;

my scarf became a

scarlet voyageur’s sash.

Near the summit I beheld

the glint of sky on water

I ran to the summit

as the sky opened up to show

A lake running into heavens

amid islands of stone and cloud.

The sun

came out to watch

as the lake disrobed.

January 18, 2010
Oberg Trail, near Lutsen, Minn.

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