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Seeking my juju in a vacuum cleaner

Mess. That’s the biggest barrier to creativity.

Today I had several “free” hours, thanks to a late meeting. My midnight musings about my use of the  precious time at home were interrupted several times by visions of piled laundry, of dusty carpets, sticky floors and cluttered countertops. And I can flip the problem and note that my creative time often is cut short by the need to stop early and clean up my own fabric, paper and yarn scraps from shared family space, like the dining room table.

This isn’t an unusual conundrum, I know. Creative people aren’t exactly known for their attention to housekeeping details.

But although my heart was in my Christmas cards and my holiday sewing projects, I felt blessed with that the time in an empty house. Even thought I wasn’t focused on the projects I wanted to tackle, I was focused on important jobs. Mopping the kitchen floor was neither fun nor fulfilling, but I knew it was important. I wondered if I could make it more creative through some combination of music and meditation, but I was not able to find an answer … yet.

I never did get to my creative projects today. But my family arrived home to a nicer, better-organized house. Is that enough? No. But it’s not bad, for today.

In the meantime, I want to think hard about ways to make my priorities more creative, and make creativity a priority.

Any ideas?


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