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Our eclectic Christmas tree

I know someone who trims her Christmas tree all in white. It was beautiful, but cold. And it looks like it could have been created in a department store for nobody in particular.

I’m proud of the tree my family trimmed last night. We have store-bought ornaments, ornaments received as gifts from friends and family and lots and lots of ornaments that stemmed from a momentary inspiration. I like it because our funky little tree tells so much about our funky little family. Here are some examples. of our work (and play):

Joe’s purple origami strawberry, done in an after-school class.

Another Joe creation (he’s 10, by the way), a high-tech Lego Santa sleigh. He made this on the spur of the moment last night, after we decorated the tree.

A couple winters ago, I shot photos of the boys on the sledding hill, then laminated them and attached a cloth ribbon. We also made bookmarks.

Joe’s bookmark, along with his vampire Santa Claus (?).

This is one of several turned ornaments my dad has contributed over the past several years.

Yet another of Joe’s origami creations.

Dad’s turned bird house, occupied.

My husband Jeff made these last year as a gift for colleagues at the nonprofit where he works. The saying was the mantra of a woman who’d had a lung transplant.

My parents’ first Christmas away from home, they blew out eggshells and decorated with glue and glitter. Some 37 years later, only one brittle, chipped eggshell remains. This is my equivalent. I decorated these plain balls with paint pens one of my first Christmases on my own.

When our Sen. Wellstone died, days before the election, we kept the buttons and made them into ornaments. We hot-glued them together with ribbon.

Wellstone and Joe.

Isaac on the slopes.

We noticed how lovely these caps are, from our favorite local brewery. Jeff sliced half-inch pieces of cork (do we drink too much?) and hotglued it between two bottlecaps with the string in between.

These were salvaged from Jeff’s grandpa’s house, and decorated with ribbon.

Our tree has character (Did I mention the Barrel O’Monkeys garland?) and personality. It doesn’t look professionally designed. But it’s all about us and our family value, creativity. What does it say about us? I don’t know. But I like it.


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  1. This is awesome! Great ideas!

    We have a unique tree, too. Ever since the kids were born, I have gotten them one or two ornaments a year that commemorate some event of the past year. The boys got car ornaments when they got their licenses, cap and diploma when they graduate, etc. Some years have been challenges. When Griffin was little, he was a big climber. So one year I got him a little chair ornament. The key part of this is that I have kept a list… more like an ongoing letter… explaining why each ornament was selected. I never typed them. I’ve kept them in my lousy, messy handwriting because it has always been important to me to have handwriting from loved ones who have died. So I hope they can keep these pages forever, I guess.

    I don’t understand people who have trees that are very very pretty but don’t mean anything. Everything is better for me if it has some meaning behind it.


    Comment by Judy | December 12, 2009 | Reply

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