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Go-go creativity

Today I went to the No-Coast Craft-O-Rama, one of the biggest, most innovative craft shows in the state.
I saw some great ideas, evidence of folks who think way outside the box. I like that.

But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about different ways of expressing creativity. Last week, I asked my kids how they liked to be creative. Knowing that my older son, Joe, enjoys some of the same creative outlets I do, such as drawing, music, writing stories, I asked my younger son to answer first. He thought a moment before he answered. I like to ski, he said. I like to play soccer, I like to climb trees. Oh, and I like to draw.

I love that.

I was writing a story recently about the closure of free, outdoor park skating rinks due to city budget cuts. A university kinesiology professor I interviewed said that while it was great that more kids are playing team sports, there’s a real loss in the dearth of unstructured, pickup games that used to require kids to make up the rules as they go along, that allowed them to resolve their own difficulties, to decide where to skate, when to shoot and to find their own style of play. Hockey isn’t my kind of creativity, but it’s hard to argue that anything that requires kids to think isn’t creative.

I look out my kitchen window and see Isaac perched in the branches of our birch or apple trees. I didn’t imagine those little trees as climbers, but I love the intense look on my son’s face as he contemplates which branch to climb next, how to place his feet and where to grasp for balance.

So, while I did enjoy the needlework, jewelry, the screenprinting and glasswork I saw today, I do want to remember that there are no limits to creativity. How do you like to be creative?


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  1. I like to be creative with words, foods, paper, gift presentations (traditional wrapping…. bah humbug). Parenting!

    I love all that you’ve written, Maria. You and I are a lot alike.

    Comment by Judy | December 12, 2009 | Reply

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