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A creative role model

Yesterday my friend Karen and I went to lunch. It was a much-needed catch-up. But these are difficult times and we also were there to kvetch.

At the next table, we saw a familiar face.

Santa Claus. Karen mentioned our occupation, and he graciously asked that we refrain from using his real name. For the kids, you know. In the spirit of the character, Karen noted that she would like a full-length mirror for Christmas. I said nothing. This year, there’s no thing on my Christmas list. I was feeling sad and frustrated. I want to feel at peace and fulfilled. Can’t fit that down the chimney.

But as Kris Kringle talked to us, he really did convey an early sense of Christmas spirit.

Let me know, he said, if you come across anybody who needs help. I like to help when I can. I imagined him in a home where tragedy has struck, holding bereaved children in his lap, comforting a grieving parent or surviving spouse. It breaks my heart and humbles me and puts my complaints into perspective.

This lovely man, a retired realtor now living in his lake home in Outing, Minn., has created a lifestyle that allows him to use his God-given gifts — a snowy beard, a round belly, twinkly blue eyes and a love for all people —  to bring comfort and joy, and to make strangers smile, sometimes in spite of ourselves.

I want to be more like Santa.


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