Minerva's Path

Seeking wisdom, meaning and balance through creativity.

Minerva’s Path

Creativity is like air and water. I need it to survive. Maybe you do, too.

But the workaday world sometimes seems to conspire against creative thinking.

I have friends who talk about what they used to do to be creative. I don’t want to think that way anymore.

A career coach once recommended a book that urged those of us right-brained people stuck in left-brained jobs to just quit. We should give ourselves the gift of time to find our true callings, the author wrote. Right. The author was encumbered by neither children nor a mortgage. And she wasn’t writing during an economic recession.

Still, to be whole, to be me, I need to think my own thoughts, to use my hands, my heart and my brain to put part of my soul outside my body. And I need to find a way to do so while embracing the blessings of children, a home and a job.

I can’t drop out. So I’m choosing to tune in, to act, to try live a creative life in spite of the barriers the world throws before me. So I look to Minerva, the Greek goddess of creativity, wisdom and the home, to try to find balance, peace, meaning and I hope a little wisdom.

I hope you’ll join in.


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